Social housing cooperative Soweto is currently busy with purchasing our first building, former neighbourhood center De Werf in the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95. The house will be used for living and working, and will have a social/ political/ neighbourhood function.
The Pieter Nieuwland is our pilot project. With a group of enthusiastic people we want to rebuild and manage the building by ourselves. This way we aim to keep the rent affordable and people involved. The DYI principle is one of the core values of Soweto and at the basis of creating affordable housing and solidair communities.
Soweto projects like the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat are autonomous, which means that the houses decide themselves e.g. about new living group members or renters for the working spaces, not Soweto.
Soweto also advices other people starting up living groups or developing new housing projects in cooperation with Soweto. If you are planning a project and would like to talk it over with us, please contact us.