Launch of Pieter Nieuwland Campaign weeks

Fundraising campaign launch...

Soweto tours the Netherlands to inform about PN project and call for support.


The campaign to finance the purchase of Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95 (PN) will start off with a Valentine's Day party at 'Op De Valreep', featuring well-know Amsterdam band The Stokers.


The day after, Soweto will be present at the 'huurders aan het woord' congress, and take part in a discussion at De Nieuwe Liefde on the 18th. Aim is to inform about the PN project and interest people and organisations to donate, become member and invest or loan money to soweto.


“We are determined to make this project a success” says Sapi Lotta, who is involved with the public and living space. “This is a unique chance to bring a building into community ownership, and there is a lot of public interest in this project.”


After years of negotiating, the municipality of Amsterdam Oost and Soweto came to terms about the price of the old school building in the Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95.


End of March 2014 the contract is supposed to be signed, and in order to get a hypothek from the bank Soweto needs to show at least 200.000 Euros as own capital. Soweto is counting on the solidarity of individuals as well as other community projects in the Netherlands but also abroad.


“We had amazing feed back so far” says Soweto board member Clemens Mol. “We only just started fundraising and we have reason to be optimistic that with joint effort we'll be able to reach our aim in the next weeks.”


In order to realise the PN project Soweto is calling for people to become member, donate and invest.

Check for possibilities to get involved, and for upcoming events.