Now is the time!


We proudly present: our new payment options on the Soweto website!
From now on you can directly pay through iDEAL! So there are no more excuses for allowing any savings to lie around in your bank account.

Put your money into action - rather than making your bank rich - invest it in Soweto bonds or become a member and lend us your money.

If there is still something stopping you or you have any questions, please get in touch!

Of course, you can also still use the good old banktransfer, but make sure to mention your NAME and E-MAIL address, otherwise we won't be able to assign the bonds to you (if you have forgotten to do this, please contact us!).

There are only a few weeks left to make this project happen - Now is the time to get involved – because you could make the difference with any bond you take or donation you give.

For more information check our website or come by our office hours, every Monday 19-21h.