Living group

The Pieter Nieuwlandstraat offers affordable social housing to people who chose to live together in a community, based on friendship, respect, and shared common ideas and principles. The living group members are actively involved in running the public space and in the administration of the building as a whole, toghether with other users of the building.

The living space

The living space has been designed together with an architect for optimal efficiency in usage of space and resources. There are 11 "onzelfstandige" rooms of comparable size and comfort spead over two floors. Next to the relatively small individual spaces there are communal toilets, showers/bath and laundry facilities as well as a big communal living room and 2 communal kitchens.
Despite the social and living space being closely connected, separate entrances to living and social space guarantee sufficient privacy. The rents are calculated on principle of solidarity and income dependent to make the rooms affordable for all living group members.

The living group

The living group is composed of members with different professions, education and skills, united by a strong social and political drive. Being politically active is an essential part of our group, we wish to affect social changes both by our way of living and our interaction with the social space and within the neighbourhood and a wider social struggle. The living group is consisting of individuals supporting each other and based on solidarity, mutual support, environmental responsibility, and non-hierarchical organization.

Living group & neighbourhood

The living group is aiming on establishing a healthy and thriving relationship with the neighbourhood. Street picknicks or tea talks are all part of the possibilities. We hope to be able to bring in an added value to the neighbourhood on the personal as well as on the social level.
We are very excited by the opportunity that Soweto is offering the neighborhood with this initiative, as a positive, non-commercial space for political activism, culture, and creativity. The living group will serve as a solid base to give us energy, ideas, and mutual support to be able to affect positive change in the neighborhood and in the city.

New members

Contact us at, if you have any questions.

There are currently no spaces open in the living space.